Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Blanco Goldfarb Associates we are fully committed to maintaining and developing all aspects of CSR. We want to ensure that our responsibilities are taken beyond ‘the norms’ and extend this to all stakeholders. We define stakeholders as: employees, managers, shareholders (internal) & customers, suppliers, business partners, the community, the environment (external).


• All team members are encouraged to take part in community activity and are allowed paid time off for this
• A Director sits on the London board of a Hospitality charity helping people in need and is Vice Chair of an industry body – both involved in fund raising for charities and others
• Team members are involved in mentoring help and support with people who need it.
• We offer our professional services at preferential fees for charities.


• We recycle all paper and as many other materials as possible and use recycled stationery where possible
• We have a ban on printing out emails
• We encourage people to walk to meetings if feasible or use public transport.


• We have an open information policy so that all have access to financial and other info if they require it
• Through our mentoring scheme, team members have access to expert support on an ongoing basis
• People know they have strong support and can come to us with any issue, work related or otherwise and we will help them
• We treat all our suppliers and partners with respect and in some cases bring them into the business as if they were employees
• We value diversity and promote equal opportunities in recruitment, employment, development and retention
• We provide a healthy and safe workplace by striving to reduce and eliminate risks to our employees, contractors and visitors